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Strength Training. Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver. Episode 12

Physical activity can block negative thoughts, and in addition improve overall health. However, it's just as important to choose the right exercise to prevent traumas. In the last 12th episode a ... See more

HT Ferry service, UAB

Our partner for freight transport tickets HT Ferry Service is ready to solve transportation issues related to Brexit!

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🇨🇰 BREXIT 🇨🇰

▪️ Pre - Boarding pass (for ferries and tunnel)

▪️ GMR - goods movement reference

▪️ ENS ICS entry summary declaration in ... See more

How road transport companies are meeting COVID-19 challenges

We are happy to share IRU (International Road Transport Union) article where a managing shareholder of Hegelmann Group Siegfried Hegelmann gives his expert insights 💡 on how road transport ... See more

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to transform their operating environment, road transport companies are having to swiftly adapt their strategies.

Concentration. Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver. Episode 11

Today we launch the 11th episode of Healthy Habits. In this video, we will talk about how to stay focused on the road and also show exercises which will help to get rid of tension 🎬 ... See more

Merry Christmas E-Card from Hegelmann Group

This year we are sending warm wishes from Hegelmann Team all around the world! Each Christmas card shown in the video is unique – every one of them were submitted by Hegelmann Drivers from ... See more

10th episode. Muscle damage prevention

Many people of different professions are familiar with tension and stress which can cause muscle pain and long distance Drivers are not an exception.
On the 10th episode of Healthy Habits project we ... See more

9th episode. Malnutrition

9th episode about malnutrition is here! This time we will talk about healthy diets, vitamins and their sources 🍋 Follow the recommendations and stay healthy 💪🏻
Check our Youtube channel for ... See more

Episode 8. Hegelmann Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver

Being far from home can make you feel lonely.
On the 8th episode of “Hegelmann Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver” PhD in Psychology Junona will introduce 5 simple rules which can help you to ... See more

Dehydration. Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver. Episode 7

Watch now – the 7th episode of “Healthy Habits for a Truck Driver” about dehydration is here 🎬

PhD in biomedical science Artūras Sujeta will talk about right water consumption which is ... See more

Hegelmann Corporate Video 2020

This is just an intro ... 3… 2… 1… 🔛
Meet us – the Hegelmann family and our Corporate Video 2020 🎬
#Hegelmann #HegelmannGroup #corporatevideo