630 MILL.
700 MILL.

On March 18, we celebrate World Recycling Day ♻️

Let us remember that responsible management of natural resources is our common problem and responsibility for securing the future of our planet ... See more

Everything we do, we do it in 💙 Hegelmann Style!

All E-Shop items available for Hegelmann employees 🛒


The habits we build at our desk, especially while sitting, can contribute to discomfort and health issues. The good news is that moving or stretching is a buildable habit 👏

For this reason, we ... See more

Freedom inspires us to create 🇱🇹
Happy Restoration of Independence Day, Lithuania!

#Lithuania #IndependenceDay #Freedom

Hegelmann Group is expanding and constantly looking for new talents 🔎 We invite Key Account Manager to join our team! ✔️

More information about the position:

Apply ... See more

Großspediteur auf Wachstumskurs: 1.000 neue Lkw für Hegelmann

#HegelmannNews 📰Expanding our fleet - 1,000 new trucks planned for the current year! 🚛 Read more in the following article ⬇️


Die Hegelmann Group baut ihre Flotte weiter aus. Sie reagiert auf die hohe Nachfrage am FTL-Spotmarkt. Sie steigt auch in Road-Feeder-Services sowie Luft- und Seefracht ein.

“Fit Like a Boss” is a part of our Corporate Health Management 📢 Most of us spend 8 – 9 hours a day sitting at the workplace 👩🏻‍💻 This week we are sharing some tips to help your ... See more

We present the program Fit Like a Boss, as a part of our Corporate Health Management 📢

Every week we'll post a short notification with a healthy tip which will include different exercises, hacks ... See more

International Women's Day only tomorrow, but we send greetings in advance! Thanks to our amazing Female Drivers for being with us 🌸 Each of you will be congratulated 💕

#hegelmannteam ... See more

FC Hegelmann Litauen

It's official 👏 FC Hegelmann Litauen launches partnership with Kautra 🤝 Exclusive team bus was introduced - it was painted blue and adorned with an impressively sized 3D club logo ... See more

🔥 Ar jau matėte mūsų naują autobusą? 🚌
Kiek balų jam skiriate 1⃣-🔟?

Oficialiai pasirašyta partnerystė su Kautra 💙🤍💪
Daugiau apie tai - ... See more

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